Professional activity
"Creativity is a drug I cannot live without" - Cecil B. DeMille
     Only those who are talented and extremely hardworking can gain a real success in the field of architectural engineering. True professionals are always being devoured by their work, improving their skills from one project to another. As a matter of fact we are never sure whether it is our choice – we just can’t stop being workaholics, nonstop working process is the only available form of existence for us. Besides the daily job routine we have the community of professional architectures, which provides lots of opportunities for evolution and enhancement. Competitions and contest task, creative conceptualizations, article-writing and publishing are being used as chance to demonstrate the most of your efforts and   fulfill extraordinary ideas. Moreover, international competitions invoke mutual skill-sharing, inspiration and exchange of experience.
     Recognition by colleagues is at the top of the list “The most important values for an architect”.
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